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Lynchburg, VA


stitching it all together

right here, right now for you to read

Welcome to the world, Interlaced Goods!

Stephanie Hinrichs


It's official y'all!

It's really, really real. 

I'm making scarves and selling them on the internet! 

I have a web store and everything!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to a few people who helped me get this whole thing off the ground!
Tucker Francis did all the branding and design. Chelsea Francis did all the copywriting and photography for the site. Jacob Anspach helped build out the site and make it awesome. Bryce Morris inspired me to make dog scarves and blew it up on Pinterest. Alex Einstman bought the first scarf and has since sent one to France! And you! You're reading this! Your support, general goodwill, and interest in my little crochet business means the world. 

Without you all I couldn't have done this! So THANK YOU! SO MUCH!

I promise I'll blog again soon!